300 Series

300 Series

Great things come in small packages!

300-TH/III Cook & Hold Oven

Revolutionary Halo Heat® technology is now available in the smallest footprint ever to have been produced by Alto-Shaam. Measuring just 17" (426mm) wide by 25" (643mm) deep, with a height just below 19" (480mm), this new 300-TH/III Cook & Hold oven affords foodservice operators with the benefits of the original low-temperature Cook & Hold oven in a space-saving, and energy-efficient 120V design. This oven is perfect for restaurant operations with tight counter space and à la carte menus, and priced for operators of every kind and budget.

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The 300-TH/III features:

  • Halo Heat - This controlled, uniform heat source maintains close temperature tolerances and offers consistent cooking on a daily basis, just like Alto-Shaam’s existing line of full-sized Halo Heat Cook & Hold ovens. Meats are cooked evenly so your roast can be rare throughout without the dreaded "bullseye" effect.
  • Reduced Shrink - It also allows for a higher yield
    on meats and other proteins by retaining higher
    moisture content.
  • Versatility - The oven cooks, roasts, re-heats and holds food in the same small cabinet. The units can also be stacked to maximize your production space in small kitchens.
  • Easy to Use - Operation of the unit simply requires users to turn it on, press a preset cooking program, preheat the oven, load it, place a probe in the food, and push start. This “set-and-forget” control gives you the freedom to cook food overnight or tend to other food preparations while maintaining consistent quality.
  • Savings – Cook a load of food for less than $1 worth of electricity. Because of its low emissions, there is typically no requirement for expensive hood ventilation.

300-S Holding Cabinet

Alto-Shaam’s newest — and smallest — Heated Holding Cabinet (model 300-S) provides users with the ability to hold food at precise temperatures using our innovative Halo Heat® technology while maximizing the production space of any kitchen. The 300-S cabinet uses gentle heat to surround food for superior taste, better appearance, and longer holding life, without overcooking or drying out food. The prolonged holding capability allows users to manage their time more effectively and focus on other functions of the foodservice operation.

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The 300-S features:

  • Halo Heat - Maintain precise temperatures without fans or harsh heating elements. The closed environment needs no added moisture. Foods retain moisture for hours without overcooking or drying out.

  • Low Energy Usage – Exprience significant utility savings due to the low electrical wattage use and 120V design.

  • Time Savings – Extends preparation times outside of peak preparation hours and provides a quality product in prolonged holding situations.

  • Hold it Anywhere – The compact design and no need for a hood allows you to place this cabinet on your countertops, under counters, or use it as a mobile unit — two carrying handles on each side make the cabinet easy to lift. The units can also be stacked to maximize your production space in bistro-sized kitchens.

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