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'Shaam rocks St. Patrick's day corned beef! Learn how you can too...


Chef Bill Rakow shows you just how easily you can make corned beef for St. Patrick's day in your Cook & Hold oven:

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The Secret Behind New Castle Hotels' Banqueting Success

Vince Barrett

A preferred management company for Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood brands, New Castle Hotels and Resorts also manages a number of their own independent properties. What does this all mean? Food, and lots of it. New Castle puts on thousands of catering and banqueting events a year, resulting in about $13 million in sales. 

CT PROformance is Here!




Introducing the newest combi oven from Alto-Shaam:

The CT PROformance™ Combitherm® Oven 

The future is here. Engineered with a commitment to foodservice innovation, the CT PROformance offers unprecedented performance in the industry. Execute every menu, from basic to complex, with flawless precision and consistency, faster than every before. 

Go to to see:



Did You Know: Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Cook & Hold


An Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold can do more than just proteins! Our chefs recently tested a recipe for making chocolate chip cooking inside an Alto-Shaam 500TH/III for one of our chain accounts. So, we thought we would share! 

Why Service Matters: As Told By A Sales Manager

Alto-Shaam Culinary Institute Seminar

I recently found myself in a city overrun by ice on a Friday. Making it home for the weekend was not looking good. However, because I was scheduled to leave again on Monday morning, making it home was a priority. Unfortunately, my interactions with the airline I was flying on were unpleasant. 2-3 hour hold times on the phone, and nobody offering any solutions other than “we can try to get you out on Monday.” However, one individual on another airline went above and beyond to help me get home. In fact, she made it possible for me to make it home late Friday night. 

Healthier is Better

UCONN Dining Hall

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration announced that they are aiming to eliminate trans-fat in processed foods. Trans-fats, unsaturated fats that are artificially produced, have gained notoriety in the past few years after research that had previously shown that partially hydrogenated trans-fat, such as Crisco, was healthier than animals fats, such as butter. However, a new study is now showing that trans-fats can cause heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

Fresh Food Fast

Buffalo wings iStock 000020713254XLarge

It’s Sunday night... “Football Night”... and like always, the neighborhood chicken wing joint is jumping and every seat in the house is filled. Like many of my friends, this particular restaurant has always been a favorite of mine. The best way to describe it is “good food, friendly service and controlled chaos!” It doesn’t get any better than an ice cold beer, a basket of hot wings and good friends all watching the game together.

Eataly Chicago Opening

Screen Shot 2013 11 27 at 9.58.52 AM

This past week, Alto-Shaam was involved in a very special opening celebration. Eataly opened up its massive 62,000 sq. ft. location in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. The brainchild of founder Oscar Ferinetti, Joe and Lidia Bostianich, Adam and Alex Saper and star chef Mario Batali, Eatlay is a tribute to all things delicious and focuses on making quality food available to the public.

Top 7 Tips for Specifying Food Wells

Alto-Shaam Drop-In Food Wells

When operating on a busy service line, there is nothing more important than the quality and apperance of the food being held in the food wells. Properly heated and cooled drop-in wells can be the difference between profitability or loss when evaluating dry, stale food versus fresh, quality display. While very popular, food well installation can present a variety of challenges. The most common being costly and complicated installations that will not support proper food holding temperatures.

Breakfast Still Top of Mind in K-12 Industry

Breakfastsandwich iStock 16760007

After years of what seemed like little to no change, the
K-12 industry is exploring something new. Breakfast. The “most important meal of the day” is finally getting some attention in schools all across the country. According to Pew Charitable Research Center, school breakfast programs have grown in popularity by 47% since 2004 and will increase and estimated 2.6% by the end of the 2013 school year.

This trend of providing quality, nutritious meals to students has seen the most growth in large, urban districts where many of the students depend on the school foodservice program to provide them with the nutrition they need to succeed. By providing an essential morning meal to students, school foodservice programs are able to help students improve their performance and focus, decrease behavior problems, and increase attendance. And, most importantly, educating students on the importance of healthy eating instills positive eating habits for later in life.

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