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Sean Baker's Smoked Duck Wings a Sensational Hit at StarChefs

starchefs sean baker 1

Sean Baker's duck wings were described by our guests at the 9th Annual StarChefs International Chef Congress as being fresh and moist with a slight crunch. The wings had several flavor profiles, including smoked and spicy, that were in a perfect complement without being overwhelming.

Cook With Alto-Shaam at StarChefs 2014

StarChefs Ryan Norman

The 9th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress is off to a great start in Brooklyn, NY. Members of Alto-Shaam's culinary and marketing teams are busy at booth B12 with cooking demonstrations featuring guest chefs who demonstrate the show's theme of "Cooking Honest."

When the Speech Goes Long: Halo Heat Keeps Food at Perfect Temperature

describe the image

We’ve all been at that wedding. You know the one.

Transforming Hospital Menus: Fresh, High-Quality Food a Must

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Hospitals are transforming menus to offer fresh, healthier ingredients, changing the way hospital food is viewed by patients, visitors and hospital staff members.

Is Your Kitchen a Liability? Learn Food Safety Tips From the Experts

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As you look to make continuous improvements in your kitchens – whether it is a large production for the biggest metropolitan hospital or for a family-owned business with limited seating – food safety remains a priority for the kitchen staff.

Alto-Shaam President Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Alto-Shaam President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Maahs was called out on social media by Eric Boelter of Boelter Foodservice to take the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Not a Single Chicken Wasted! Combi Oven Tests Benefit More Than Kitchen Staff

4kids of south florida 3

When we are cooking in our Alto-Shaam ovens each week or testing recipes in kitchens throughout the world, we want to waste as little food as possible. We recognize the importance of conservation -- it’s one of the reasons we make energy-efficient equipment -- and strive to help protect our environment in everything we do, from recycling paper and cans, to using all the food prepared in our kitchens.

Increase prepared food sales with "Theater Effect"

AR-7EVH rotisserie with ventless hood and companion holding cabinet

If all the world is a stage, then how should convenience stores and grocery stores display hot, prepared food in order to create a theater effect for customers?

“Customers are more comfortable with the process” if they can see the food being made right in front of them, according to a Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes executive, Jack Cushman, who was interviewed by C Store Foodservice  in 2009.

Take a Fresh, Local Approach to Menu Creation

roasted cauliflower

Put down the greasy french fries, and steam broccoli instead. Step away from fried, breaded chicken, but add lean meat and quinoa to the menu. Add local flavor with fresh, wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains.

Salad or Burgers? Campuses Seek Innovative, Nutritious Menu Items

PepperoniPizza lr

The “Freshman 15” may only be the “Freshman Two” or the “Freshman Five,” but it still is a real health concern for college students leaving home for the first time. As the Class of 2014 prepares for the next stage of their life, college campuses are getting ready for the upcoming semester and examining their menu choices to promote healthy living as these teens transition to adulthood.

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