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KI Award Winning Automatic Grease Collection System for Combitherm Ovens

2012 KI Award winner

Alto-Shaam introduces a new, innovative grease collection unit that safely and conveniently collects grease and meat by-products from our Combitherm ovens in high volume production facilities.

Created specifically for use with Alto-Shaam’s electric and gas Combitherm ovens, this automatic grease collection system is the most recommended way to keep your employees and your kitchen protected from messy spills and slippery floors. Employees will only have to handle grease that is stored safely in a container that simply needs to be capped when full.

combi oven grease collection systemFeaturing:

  • Employee safety - allows staff to dispose of hot grease and by-products without having to physically handle the material. This no-touch process will also reduce/eliminate grease spills and employee slippage.
  • Labor savings - reduces the frequency that kitchen staff must attend to emptying and disposing grease and by-products.
  • Cleaner, leaner waste - because the Grease Collection System separates grease from water, waste removal costs are reduced due to the lessened volume and cleaner waste result.
  • Scrap the grease trap - The grease and by-products are pumped directly into grease collection containers. This reduces your cleaning and maintenance costs because less grease is being drained into the system
  • Cap and go - Disposal of grease and by-products is as easy as removing the tube, capping the container and pushing the mobile grease collection cart away to the disposal area.