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Cook & Hold: Powerful Return on Investment

ROI, by the numbers

Imagine two slices of roast vanishing into thin air. It happens every time you cook a roast in a convection oven. The shrink is so great that you're losing two slices out of every roast.

By stopping this vanishing act, the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold oven can pay for itself in just 3 months. 


Improve your bottom line:

  • Low energy consumption – The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold cooks a load of food for less than $1 worth of electricity, even if you run it overnight!
  • No hood ventilation needed – Save up to $30 per 16-hour day of operation in hood operating costs.
  • Easy to operate - Simply set the cook temperature and the hold temperature, and you're done!
  • Overnight cooking - Start cooking the day's entrée the night before. The meat is done to perfectionwhen you arrive the next day.
  • Use less expensive cuts of meat - Beef brisket, hanger steak, flat iron... The natural meat tenderization action makes the most of less expensive cuts of meat.
  • Halo Heat DiagramLifetime warranty -  We provide a lifetime warranty on all Cook & Hold heating cable. That's added value on top of our standard warranty.
  •  A browning masterpiece - The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold browns meats beautifully, without the adverse drying effect of convected heat.
  • Cook & Hold in action - We can tell you all about it, but it's even better if you see cook & hold ovens in action for yourself.